FrequentlyAsked Questions

Current Tenant

We process all payments via pre-authorized debit (PAD) from a bank account of the tenant’s preference at no charge to the tenant.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Rent is due at the end of the month BEFORE the 1st of the next month. You are required to pay rent on time even if the day it’s due falls on a holiday or if your bank is closed

All residents MUST pay their rent on time.
If rent is unpaid
1. You will be charged a late fee of $100
2. Any late or unpaid payments will be reported to Equifax and may affect your credit score.
3. If rent remains unpaid, the Landlord/ Property Manager will issue a notice to end tenancy to Tenant, which may take effect, no earlier than 14 days after the date the Tenant receives the notice.

All late payments and unpaid rent will stay on your tenant record permanently and will affect your ability to rent with us in the future.

We do not permit residents to sublet their apartment.

Airbnb and/or other vacation rentals are not permitted uses of the rental apartment and as such are a material breach of a rental agreement. Refusing to follow the rental agreement guidelines could result in termination of tenancy (i.e., eviction).

NC Living’s policy is to provide a first-class accommodation that is enjoyable for all residents. If there are any outstanding maintenance issues in your suite, please contact your building manager directly by email (provided in your move-in package). In the unlikely event these issues are not taken care of in a timely manner, please contact us.

NC Living will provide and maintain the residential property in a reasonable state of decoration and repair, suitable for occupation by a resident. The resident must also take the necessary steps to repair damage to the residential property caused by the actions or neglect of the resident.

Please contact your property manager to discuss options if you want to break your lease. Refer to your lease agreement for more details specific to your contract terms.

The NC Living building manager and the new resident must inspect the condition of the rental unit together upon the resident taking possession. This inspection will include completing a written move-in inspection together. A similar written inspection shall take place at the end of the tenancy.

Decorations visible from the exterior of a building must not be used without the landlord’s prior written consent. The resident will not hang or store anything in or on the windows, balconies or other areas of the building, suite or residential property which would interfere with the uniform appearance of the property. The resident will not make or cause any structural alteration to the rental unit or residential property. Painting, papering or decorating of the rental unit or residential property will be done only with NC Living’s prior written consent and approved colours. Small picture hooks and nails are permitted for hanging artwork etc. However, the tenants have to repair the holes before moving out.

If the above is not followed, NC Living has the right to claim against the resident for any damage to a residential property.

The tenant must not cause or allow loud conversation or noise to disturb the quiet enjoyment of another occupant of the residential property or other person at any time.

In particular, building quiet hours are between 10:00pm and 9:00am and must be strictly adhered to. It is important to note that any noise that disturbs other residents is not permitted at any time.

Your tenancy agreement indicates which utilities are included. These may include heat and hot water, or other similar utilities. In most cases, electricity is not included and you will need to set up your own electricity account with the provider of your choice. Your property manager will contact you with more information before you move in, to confirm you have set up the necessary utilities.